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Overview of safety strip accessories

Terminating plug connectors with resistor – Terminating plug connectors with resistor 8,2 kΩ

The terminating plug connector with resistor is a system component that constitutes the switching strip’s electrical termination in conjunction with a resistance evaluator. The resistance value is 8,2 kΩ. Product overview

Connecting cable with plug connector – always in touch

The connecting cable with plug connector is a system component that is used to establish the link between the switching strip and the evaluator or control system on the connection side. It is available in lengths from 0.35 m to 15 m. Product overview

Flexible wire jumpers for the Quadro-Profile

The wire jumpers are used for the Quadro-Profiles, and are here a part of the system. They form the cross-connection at the termination side. Product overview

End caps with circumferential edge – dependable protection

The end caps are a part of the system components of the Gelbau Contact-Duo and Quadro-Profiles. They serve to seal off the ends of the switching strips in a moistureproof configuration. The Contact-Optima-Profile end caps are used only to close off the compensation chamber. Various types of connection are available. The caps can be supplied in NBR and EPDM, and in different colours, to suit the profiles concerned. Product overview

Spiral cables – for bridging distances

The spiral cables are used in gate construction for bridging the distance to the evaluator electronics. The connecting cable of the switching strip is led to the terminal box on the moving part of the gate. The connecting cable leads from here via a cable spacer (if needed) to another terminal box on the fixed part of the gate. From there, the link to the evaluator electronics is completed with an independently insulated cable, provided by the customer. A guard spiral at the terminal box and at the spacer serves for strain relief and as anti-kinking protection for the spiral cable. Product overview

Corner connectors – for all angles

The corner connectors, which are not a part of the system, solve the problem of nonswitching corners in the construction of customised angular solutions. They provide connections with full elasticity. The corner connectors are available as horizontal and vertical versions in a choice of angles with leg lengths of 45 mm. Unlike the standard angles for the 3100.0110I and 3100.0110N profiles, it is possible to assemble all profile types with angular dimensions to the customer’s specification. Product overview

Stop buffers – for extended lifetimes

The stop buffers are not a part of the system, but prevent the switching strip suffering from a ground impact when the gate is lowered, thus extending its useful lifetime. Depending on the profile height involved, the stop buffers are available in the appropriate sizes, in black. The scope of delivery also includes a hammerhead screw for attaching the buffer to the mounting rail. Product overview

Installation accessories – for self-assembly

We provide various aids for customers to assemble their systems on site. The Cyanoacrylat adhesive from Gelbau (as shown in the installation instructions) is suitable for affixing and sealing the end cap in both the NBR and EPDM qualities, and also for sealing the cable outlet. The adhesive is available in two different package sizes. The rubber scissors mean that cutting the safety switching strips without a compensation chamber, in particular, is child’s play as easy as pie. Product overview