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Profile overview


We simulated all the risks for you. The result is the new Contact-Optima-Profile.

  • Extreme sensitivity through extended reaction angle and
    integrated switch contact in the foot
  • Innovative Optima-Plus Connectors which prevent installation errors and virtually eliminate the possibility of chemical reactions
  • Use of innovative EPDM and NBR blends

More about this switching strip on the product page. more

Contact-Duo-Profiles – for dependable contacting

The Gelbau Contact-Duo-Profiles are ultra-flexible, one-piece rubber profiles made of EPDM or NBR, ideally matched to the closing edge of the gate or machine involved. The maximum actuating force lies well below the 150 N stipulated in the standard. In conjunction with the accessories offered and plug connection technology, the system can be easily and reliably assembled. more

Quadro-Profiles – all good things come in fours

The Gelbau Quadro-Profile is used primarily in the field of local public transport, where it is installed as a safety feature for the closing edges of passenger doors in buses and trains. The EPDM profile can be used only in conjunction with a sealing profile. It is simply pushed into the hollow chamber of existing or newly developed sealing profiles. The profiles have a diameter of 18 mm or 22 mm, and require a sheath-profile with a hollow compartment minimum diameter of 21.5 mm or 25.5 mm. The profile is characterised by a high level of sensitivity. more

Rubber-Sheath-Profiles – vertical protection

Doors with vertical closing edges, e. g. folding doors, have a crossbeam width of approx. 50 mm and a gap width requiring to be safeguarded of at least 120 mm. The closing edge safety feature is required to cover the entire crossbeam width and to close and seal the gap without triggering the switching strip. At the same time, it is required to possess high lateral sensitivity, so that a possible pinch is detected as soon as the door wings are turned. The rubber-sheath-profile developed specifically for this application, with the associated aluminium special rail and the Contact-Duo-Profile 3100.1610, meets these requirements. more